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Local Protections

Fighting State Abuses Of Power

The cases of Andrew Warren and HB 1 are part of the growing trend of abusive preemption across the country. Preemption occurs when a higher level of government passes a law or takes an action that overrides authority at a lower level; the Federal Government can trump the state, and the state can trump its cities—you get the idea.

It can be a positive political tool—like a state banning its cities from providing funds to crisis pregnancy centers—but this power can also be misused…

Together with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Community Justice Project, Jenner & Block, and a coalition of six cities across Florida, we are fighting back against Governor DeSantis and HB 1. We filed a lawsuit and for now? We are winning. The court determined the case must proceed because we illustrated the sweeping harms of HB 1 if it remains in effect. The fight continues in court.

"Ron Desantis' war against free speech is really all about abortion" - Salon, Feb 2022 (press clipping)

And as for Andrew Warren, he is pursuing his case in both state and federal courts, and we are right there beside him.

Because these fights are not confined to Florida. We must push back against this dangerous precedent and let abusive administrations like DeSantis’ know they can’t get away with flagrant power grabs.

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