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Hear how our work protects abortion access and the right to choose, narrated by our Chief Marketing Officer, Madison Jacobs.

Reproductive Justice

Winning The Abortion Courtroom Battle In Michigan

PRP led America’s first live witness testimony on abortion post-Roe in Pontiac, Michigan to determine whether a preliminary injunction would be ordered against the state’s criminal abortion ban, a zombie law from 1931 that made no exception for rape or incest.

Over two days, members of our legal team, including Michael Adame and Jon Miller, made their case to Judge Cunningham, proving the abortion ban was a devastating blow to a person’s livelihood, health, and personal dignity.

Michigan doctors and senior public health officials took the stand to fight for abortion rights and help determine the future of state power in America.

"Michigan court extends block on 1931 abortion ban." - The 19th, August 2022

The evidence presented was clear and convincing. Those challenging the abortion ban had public health data, the deep experience of medical professionals, and extensive studies to back their arguments. Those on the other side offered almost nothing, and the court gave no weight to what they did present because it was unreliable at best, and erroneous at worst. As a result, and backed by popular sentiment across the state, Judge Cunningham ordered a preliminary injunction blocking Michigan's abortion ban.

PRP succeeded in holding the line for abortion until the November Midterms when The Reproductive Freedom for All initiative headed to the ballot, and voters—once and for all—codified the right to choose, securing abortion access for 1.9 million people in Michigan.

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